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♡ b O m B s H e L L ♡ ♪

★☆ she dared to rock ☆★

奈②ロ±゙ ♡ b0mBsHeLL==*
7 August
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☆☆I Don't Care About Money. I Just Want to Be Wonderful ☆☆
-- Marilyn Manroe

name: nana

age: 16

tanjoubi: 1988.aug.7

style: ganguro + oneegal

like: fashion, cars, music, runway shows, makeup, dancing!

dislikes: bugs

music: jerry lee lewis, bobby darin, deftones, dean martin, frank sinatra, elvis presley, p.o.d., crossfade, switchfoot, sevendust, yeah yeah yeahs, danny & the juniors, mya, no doubt (not gwen solo i'm "buck" haha), the beach boys, me & my, the killers, bill haley & his comets, ricky nelson, gene vincent

I'm currently a mod of the following communities:

ganguro - general community for people interested in ganguro fashion (and other gal)
alba_rosa - community for gal & rating community for entrance to getwild_besexy
getwild_besexy - private communtity, specifically for gal, to talk about anything ^-^!


My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

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